This book came to me at a time of great Change in my life.  It seems Lynn Andrews books are reappearing in my life again. Her journey takes her north in search of a Indian marriage basket but, instead she finds two teachers. She is tried and tested in every way. Sometimes I feel that is my life. Searching for one thing but ending up  with incredible test and challenges.  Maybe that’s what this journey is about. Lynn Andrews books can be found at

Speaking of Changes….This year is full of positive changes and you have to begin here…


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with heart.

Of course you will need an angel or two watching over you……


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In honor of a part of my heritage I made this…


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I am part Cheyenne.

When I put together this little quilt piece I was thinking of letting go of all the old ways but once I finished it I took one look and realized it looked like a woman being hatched from an egg. How about that?


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More Changes and Hope too!


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I feel such Hope again. I wanted to make something as I watched the events of the day and I was inspired by Jude at Spiritcloth.typepad


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I wanted to practice circular couching on this piece of linen so I made the center “ball”. Then I thought I would like to practice a black and white running stitch and lo and behold it looked like the earth with the north and south pole. Then it occurred to me what if a comet flew by the earth? So I added some stars and a comet and some words.


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More circular couching practice and Changes.


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