Remember Pouch/Free Pattern


CC License View

Two of the Remember Pouch……

The Remember Pouch…..hand sewn, hand painted, with a touch of embroidery..


CC License View


CC License View


CC License View

How to make the Remember Pouch:

It really is quite simple…you really don’t need a pattern.

As you can see my cuts are not even…All of my sewing things are in storage so I am working with very few items. i.e. scissors, thread, needle and fabric but you get the general idea.

1. Measure 2 pieces of fabric 10″ x 5″ (note one fabric will be the lining of the pouch)


2. Lay both fabrics together with the lining on top.


3. Turn edge under on both sides and sew. (this will form the hem around the top of the pouch)


4.  Fold fabric in half. If you would like to embroider something on the pouch this is a good time. (be mindful of centering the design.)

5. Complete embroidery. Sew both sides together. Cut away excess fabric and turn inside out.

6. Painting can be done at this time.

7.Add a snap in center.

8. Add a strap in whatever length feels right to you.

9.Smile…your done.

2009 The Pilgrimmage


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