Kantha Stitch

So I was visiting Jude’s  Spiritcloth blog (which is always amazing and puts a smile on my face…) and  one of the comments mentioned was about the “Kantha stitch” . Now I knew I had heard of it but decided it was time to do some homework …..this is what I found…..


The Sanskrit word kontha means ‘rags’. One legend links their origins to Lord Buddha and his diciples, who used to cover themselves with garments made from discarded rags that were patched and sewn together. Rags displayed at Indian shrines or tied to tree limbs symbolize prayers and wards off the evil eye.

Kantha is simply the “running stitch” in embroidery terms.

Speaking of “running stitch” I have finished the “handywork” quilt piece…..


CC License View


CC License View

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