Mystic Art Medicine

I have found the most amazing artist…..


(used by permission)

The Initiation Tree of Life finds its home in the Earth’s Soil, Fire, Water, Air and the cosmos. It continues to give birth to itself through the many connected root systems that are hidden below the ground and the seeds that it sends upon the winds of the sky.
Cher Lyn


The artist name is Cher Lyn and she lives in Sedona, Arizona.  She is a Mystic, Shamanic visionary painter, priestess of ceremony and more. She offers Sedona retreats including the Medicine Wheel Healing Ceremony. The views are stunning and I am sure the energy and revelation from the experience are well worth the trip. She also has a trip she offers to the Isle of Avalon, with a private  ceremony at Stonehenge and so much more. You can see her incredible art at her “light-filled” and beautiful website http://www.mysticartmedicine.


(used by permission)

The above symbol is Cher’s logo. Go to her website to read why she chose to create it. Fascinating!!! Look under Poetry n’ lore.


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