the snake and the desert

At one point we lived in the desert in a trailer (mobile home). It was quite the experience. All i can say is never say “never” because i was one of those people who said i would never do that!!!! Anyway, one day i was walking along in the house talking to my sister on the phone and i heard a noise in the kitchen. So i go to check it out and the noise is coming from under the kitchen sink. Now i know that most likely it is just a mouse because no matter what you do those little creatures can get in. Back to the story…so i swing open both cabinet doors and sure enough it was a mouse with a 6 ft gopher snake who was looking at me as big as you please. That snake was not afraid of me in the least bit. Although the gopher snake is not poisonous they can pack a mean bite. I slammed the door shut and of course i was screaming. The snake did eventually find its way back out of the cabinet but that was no consolation for me! The next day i was walking in the kitchen and i heard a hissing sound….this time i could not find where that snake was…yuk! Anyway, i remembered that and decided to paint a picture…..the snake and the desert.…..


CC License View


CC License View


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