word cuff

I decided for my first project from my new little stash of fabric  I would create a word cuff but I have yet to decide what words will go on it. I have seen beautiful poetry cuffs in “blogland” but that is not what I want. Whatever words I use must be positive and uplifting as I need that right now in my life. Perhaps I may use symbols that are important to me. I am still pondering whether to write or embroder the words……..


CC License View

It is funny to me that when I look at pictures of the work I have done I immediately see the imperfections. I have to let go of that and accept what is. I don’t mean resign myself to imperfection but resolve to do the best I can and step back and see the beauty in everything…even the imperfections!  More projects are emerging from the new fabric as well as old projects are being continued……

2 thoughts on “word cuff

    • Wow! I like that….now I just need to put together a book. lol….I actually started one about a year ago but, had to stop and put all my things in storage…It’s a long story. Hopefully I will be able to pick up where I left off. : )

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