a study in angel wings

after all the goddess stuff i was thinking of motherly love and protection, which in turn made me think of guardian angels and how an imaginary wing was always around me : ) …….


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hence, a study in angel wings…….

more to come on this soon!

this is a poem i wrote:


Quiet wings surrounding me

your presence unknown.

No fortress or wall nor mighty man can stand.

I fear not for lo you are with me always.

Oh! beauty and strength and dedication; none can compare.

Quiet wings you are my strength and courage to forge ahead in faith.

Though fires burn and arrows fly I shall not fear for quiet wings gently caress me.

And when I sleep that gentle breath, your mighty light shown.

None approach.

Protector true.

Each step I take; you before me.

Sometimes I am not sure how.

You lift my head and pull my hand and forward we go…quiet wings.

—the pilgrimmage

copyright 2009

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