Fairy or sprite?


CC License View

My original idea was to draw a fairy holding a ball of light but, when I saw a vision of what I would do it looked more like a sprite. So, I decided to proceed with my vision and quite frankly, I was not sure I liked the result. I found inspiration for the basic fairy at http://www.patternbee.com. (she has wonderful patterns to purchase and free patterns) I drew the fairy/sprite in my own version and created my own flower.  Perhaps I would like it better if I understood the difference between a fairy and a sprite, which I did not…..So, I found that some people use the word fairy and sprite like it is the same word but in one spot I found that a Sprite is a nature elemental being that tends to stay near trees and ponds and is a muse to artist. hmmm? That rang a bell….so I decided my vision was ok to stay the way it was.


CC License View

The fairy/sprite is in a ball of light too. I am not sure I like the flowers on the right either, I feel I need different fabrics to break up all the plain yellow? or maybe it should be plain? One daughter thought it was “wierd” and the other thought it was “cool”. I  will have to put it aside and give it some time.

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