Pathways and Trails

I was thinking of the book called The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho which I read many years ago….The book is about a pilgrimage on the road to Santiago.  As I remember… always what was needed for the journey would appear but, we choose what path and if we want to trust that what is needed will be there. As I layed out the pieces of my  cloth I realized I would need pieces to go in between the spaces and it made me think of the many roads and pathways and trails I have traveled…so, I am creating pathways and trails that will invariably lead to gates for my  cloth.


CC License View


CC License View

I cut out 2″ squares and made this piece 3 across and 7 down….why??? Because I like the number 3 and 7. I will continue this series as well as the study in angel wings…..


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