New Pathway


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I am pleased with the directions the pathways are leading. I still have more to do on this one. The interesting part is all pathways/choices? are different so I will will not lose interest.  I read yesterday an interesting thing about the ego….”to hell with the ego of it all” and I liked that . ( Nichobella blog) I am a self-taught artist in every sense of the word. My grandmother (dad’s side) was a quilter and embroiderer and I believe that I must have picked up my love of that somehow from her. She never taught me a thing about it so it must be genetic. I learned to sew by watching my mother at her sewing machine. She was’nt really excited about teaching me because she was always exhausted due to the fact that she worked fulltime and had so little free time to herself.  So, I would quietlly just watch. (my mom was one of the kindest, sweetest and most gentle person I have ever known.) I taught myself to embroider when I was 20 and eventually moved on to needlepoint. Later on, I picked up the paint brushes and taught myself to paint from books I had gathered. I guess I am rambling about all of this because I want to just accept what I create as unique and it is my song and who cares what others think!  So, I will continue down this pathway…..

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