Lighten up!


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I wanted something for my (spirit) cloth that was “lighthearted” but of course true to me. I started seriously drinking coffee when I was about 35 and I really do enjoy it. I look forward to having it in the morning.  No, I am not so attached that I can’t do without it but, I consider it a little luxury. Oh and I do love organic teas too!


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more stitching to do…..


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After I drew the coffee cup and saucer the littlest one ( who by the way is as tall as me) suggested I put wings on the cup. She is so clever and I love her ideas.

2 thoughts on “Lighten up!

  1. Well, I guess you are right. I did not really plan it but, it has turned out that way. : ) I am always surprised by the paths that we are led, walking, “karmic-ly” committed to, etc. or whatever it is. (smiles) thank you for your comment. I enjoy hearing from you.

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