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Emerging….becoming into existence, coming forth. I feel we live in a time of great  change. Change on every level of our being. From the way we live, what we wear, what we eat, and how our spirit lives. For me I know I must change. I have been contemplating becoming more vegetarian again. When I was in my  20 ‘s I was strict vegetarian. I don’t feel the desire to be extreme this time but, to try to do better. That’s all. For me, I need to change on all levels. But I am going to walk gently and slowly…one step at a time.


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more wings! ha!


4 thoughts on “Emerging

  1. I feel the same as you.

    I found your blog via Acey’s and I must say I am really thrilled by your work around angels. Mighty interesting !

    • Thank you for stopping by. Angels are very important to me and hold great significance at this time.
      I appreciate your kind comments. : )

    • This piece was really about our soul emerging and really coming forth and expressing what it is we are suppose to do while we are here.
      I love the way you see it! Thank you.

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