Divine Mother Cards

Today I went to a Holistic Fair and met a wonderful woman who created the most beautiful cards with an image of the Divine Mother that she was inspired to create. Each card has wonderful inspirational messages to impart.


This is a bag Judy was given by a friend who got it in Turkey from a holy site for Mary.


This is Rev. Judy Seidl she does healing work with the sacred energies of the Divine Mother and readings with the Divine Mother Divination Cards that she created.  Peeking from under Judy’s jacket is a part of the picture which she created for the front of  her cards.


This is a wonderful spray created by Judy and an alchemist friend,  that can be worn and used for many purposes. It contains sacred/holy  water from Lourdes, France and another sacred site in England.  I wish you could smell it! It is so divine. I highly recommend it. You can contact Judy at http://www.divinelycreated.com or divinelycreated3@aol.com


crystal gifts that came home…..

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