Ode to Bloomsbury


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Ode to Bloomsbury

copyright 2009   the pilgrimmage


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Ode to Bloomsbury

copyright 2009    the pilgrimmage

I have translated Ode to Bloomsbury into a cloth piece. I wanted to use the colors I had painted but I did not have them in my little stash of fabric so I worked with what I had. At some point I will put together a new quilt which will translate the Ode to Bloomsbury theme in the colourway that I envision it.  I have decided to use this piece  in my (spirit)cloth as I needed more “lighthearted  pieces and things that would be significant to my life. In addition to working on new ideas I have been piecing together my (spirit) cloth.  I am creating my own special cloth in my own way.  For other ideas on how one might pursue creating there own cloth take a look at:                                                   http://sparklinglotusland.typepad.com/nichobella/2009/03/index.html

she has a beautiful and detailed, I might add, explaination of how to make a simple altEr cloth.


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previously shown pictures of my (spirit) cloth that I am working on.


CC License View

previously shown (spirit) cloth.

As always, Jude at Spiritcloth remains a huge inspiration..http://www.spiritcloth.typepad.com/

thank you Jude!

2 thoughts on “Ode to Bloomsbury

  1. It’s been great to catch up with your posts here. Am especially inspired to see the way you are putting together a special cloth of personal meaning. I just love to think of people here and there doing that and the healing/love energy we raise at our various types of sacred space.

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