bag ceremony1

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I decided after finishing the bag that it needed a “fresh air” ceremony to clear it. When my daughter and I walked outside to take pictures it was magical because petals were falling from the tree in large quantities. Unfortunately, I could not capture it with the camera because they stopped falling when I was ready to take the pictures.

petals in tree

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Petals in the tree….


CC License View

flower magic….an unplanned petal ceremony


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close up of front of  purse


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showing back of purse with the condor

purple heart

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I tucked a purple heart under the flap of the purse for my friend for her bravery…….


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6 thoughts on “Ceremony

  1. Thank you. I knew the minute I finished that bag it needed “fresh air”. Sometimes I have too much going on around me when I am sewing and it is nice to shift the energy.
    Ceremonies are good!

    • Thank you so much! My friend was grateful for the bag and I was humbled I could create it for her. I am grateful my blog has a “sense of calm” to it. That is what I hope for. Thank you again. : )

  2. Hi Marie,

    Just had some time to look at ur blogs and i m simply stunned by ur artist work and divine sprituality….. do let me know when u post new blogs…. once again, i m stunned

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