coming together…


CC License View

The finished pieces are coming together nicely.


CC License View

Because my life is in transition and everything I own i.e. my sewing machine, books, rotary cutter, etc. are all in storage I have been forced to work with just the few things I have on hand and I can see that it has made me grow in a way I never expected.  Normally I might run out and get a fabric that might go better with what I am working on or when cutting out fabrics I would be more precise because I could accurately measure what I was doing. Instead, things have developed in a more “organic” way. That is ok with me. I feel my little (spirit) cloth is becoming a Velveteen Rabbit through the process.

velveteen rabbit

This is a children’s book about a little boy who loves a simple velveteen rabbit toy until it becomes real. So, I feel that by the simplicity of how my little cloth is coming to life and the love I am putting into it the spirit of it is becoming real.

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