the knots of life

tree vortex1

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I have been looking at these knots at the base of a couple of trees for months and I have been thinking about them and how they relate to life.  The knot to the left in the picture  is my favorite. I always think  of a spiraling vortex when I look at it. I also think of the fibonacci spiral. Don’t ask me to explain…all i know is it is a bunch of numbers and they relate to all of creation. Think of a snail shell.


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this knot was the longest series of one i have ever noticed. i am sure they have been  around in my travels but i never paid attention to them like i am now.


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it seems that knots happen in life; a spiral that takes you in for a while and spins you around and onward and outward  you go….or we are like the tree and the knots are little journeys we encounter a long the way with the  possibility of a new way of life….hmmm?

knots in a tree 2

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a little version i made for a connecting piece of my (spirit) cloth.

knots in a tree1

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lastly,  i have found a couple of  new blogs that are  fun



2 thoughts on “the knots of life

    • thank you so-o-o much! i very much appreciate and respect any thoughts you have any time : ) .
      spirals are something i am attracted to and those tree knots really caught my attention. i would find myself always drawn to look at them when i have been outside. : )

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