“root deer”

Since I have been talking about knots in trees it reminded me of the roots of trees which in turn reminded me of this…..When my three younger children were around the ages of 2, 3, & 4 we would go to buy a meal and they always wanted “root deer” to drink. Of course in the beginning i would try to correct them but they insisted that the drink root beer was “root deer” So, for the longest i let them call it that. It was just so sweet to hear their little voices. There were so many other precious things they said and did but, for some reason this memory remains so clear. In honor of this memory i made a cloth for my (spirit) cloth:


CC License View

Yes, I normally sketch out what i am going to embroider or paint. Sometimes I will use disappearing ink or chalk directly on the fabric.  This time I asked my youngest daughter aka “littlest one” to draw a deer for me.

root deer

CC License View

I still have more to do on this piece…she needs her french knot  nose!

I thought I would try weaving some fabric today.

fabric weave 1

CC License View

I had a scrap of an old pair of black bluejeans  that I decided to use.


CC License View

lastly, i found some of my favorite things….

candle & incense

CC License View

its just the little things that make me really happy. I found some incense and a candle. There is something very peaceful to me when I sit near a campfire or fireplace or even a simple candle. The same with incense. oh! and i am picky about what kind of candle or incense i use. This particular candle and incense is Nag Champa.


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