the shepherd woke me!


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This started off as a 3 bean cloth but, i kept thinking of sheep and so i decided to create this. Looking at this piece as a picture i can see that it would have been better to put a light color behind the sheep’s head so you can see it better. Although you can not see it in this picture i used french knots for the sheep’s ears and legs.  In “person” it looks better. Perhaps i could add some stitches to the sheep’s body to add interest. hmmm?  Anyway…

sheep by Koshyk

picture by Koshyk

As i mentioned we lived in the California desert, actually we have lived in a couple of places in California. One morning i was awakened by a loud noise that sort of shook things. It was just about sunrise and we looked out the window and there was a shepherd with a shepherds staff and a lot of sheep walking down the road.  It was the most surreal thing because the shepherd was dressed in a robe so it felt as though we were transported back in time.  We were in an agriculture area and across the street was a potato field. The shepherd took his sheep and shepherd’s wagon into the field and stayed there for several weeks. I have pictures but they are in storage so i hope someday i can share them.


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