cloth continues

vision symbol

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I have been working on my special cloth just piecing it together and new symbols appear. You can still see the chalk lines on this picture. Mostly, I am enjoying being with my children and the sunshine. Have a great weekend!

I found something that I thought was interesting but it has nothing to do with this post….anyway I think it does relate to two older post:

” The tiger is considered to be protector against demons, so a common gift to babies.”

two older post of mine……………….


And in this magical place there was a lioness…the protector of the children….she was no ordinary lioness…she was a spirit lioness and she was the bringer of strength, courage and protection….she was larger than any ordinary lion….


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CC License View

The baby angel represents my children. When I was expecting my children and  they were babies I felt this incredible presence around me…a lioness. I could feel her walking before me and near me. Although, the presence was very real to me, I just brushed the notion away because at the time I did not understand what power animals were.

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