becoming clear

ok ! I had an ah ha moment and i have decided what direction this blog is suppose to go. Before I began this blog I had started several projects. One of those projects was The Return Bag :


CC License View

I began this bag the summer of 2008. I created it as a sacred bag. In case you are wondering what that is??? It is simply a bag to hold things that are special and sacred to me.  I have found that it is best to keep this blog simply artistic in nature and I will relegate my personal thoughts to another place.

I have decided that this blog will be about my “special cloth” .  I have found that over time the cloth takes on a life or “spirit” of its own and that it does take time, especially when you create by hand.

I will continue making little “side trips” sharing my paintings and other artistic things along the way because frankly I get bored doing the same things over and over again.

For those who are interested in following along I thank you and invite you to comment. I really do appreciate your thoughts. : )

Lastly, I feel as an artistic community we should support and build up one another, not tear down people just because our views, symbols, beliefs may be different.   Thank you.

I  found this website today. Thought I would share her beautiful work:


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