sheep gate


CC License View

a little sun…..

I was never really happy with my sheep picture so I took it apart and used the sun and sheep for my special cloth.

pathway to sheepgate1

CC License View

at the end or beginning of this pathway there is now a sheep gate and a little sun-shine for happiness!

sheep gate

CC License View

more of a view.

ceremony of outside

CC License View

a little ceremony of outside before i put the sheep gate and sun on.

before  i ever began this blog i would work outside as much as possible on my projects  so i could receive inspiration and sunshine and listen to the birds sing and caw.

i found this amazing textile artist:

under Large Scale Hand Embroderies

take a look at Storytelling 1995



4 thoughts on “sheep gate

  1. Thank you! Anna Torma’s work is “amazing” like your work. : )
    Both of you inspire me. thanks again.

    • Thank you. I love folk art! Any kind….I am self taught in everything artistic i.e. painting, sewing, poetry, embroidery, etc.

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