fish party

black fish

CC License View

The black fish….after i stamped the fish i thought this is too boring. There is always a unique one in the crowd which brought me to the thought that since i can remember as much as i have wanted to be like the “crowd” somehow even by virtue of doing nothing i never fit the mold. That is ok with me. I feel i am like the tortise in the story of the tortise and hare. I may be slow..but it is my journey……

3 fish close

CC License View

fish party….whoops! i see a spot i missed on the tail.

wavy sand or dirt

CC License View

this is suppose to represent wavy sand or dirt….

whole fish gate

CC License View

Yeah! the finished cloth…the fish gate.

whole fish gate1

CC License View


2 thoughts on “fish party

  1. I was wondering if you are hand sewing this whole quilt? I really like the colors. One of the things that I have notice is that a lot of the quilts that I like are made from solids…but I don’t have a lot of solids as I am always attracted to textures…and colors. So I really like how you have been able to use printed fabrics with out it looking chaotic.

    • Thank you! This whole quilt thing started out as a way of telling my pilgrimage or spiritual journey for myself. My partner/husband encouraged me to start a blog. I wanted a cloth to have as a “spiritcloth” for meditation, prayer, ceremony for myself. I began by making a sacred bag to hold items that were special to me and from there I began this cloth. I did not have my sewing machine so I decided I would begin this “meditation cloth” and make it by hand. It has become a quilt due to the number of experiences I keep throwing into it. Also, due to the lack of fabric resources I have had to collect fabrics piece by piece to make the quilt, which has in turn made it all these different prints! I am thankful it does not appear chaotic. I normally am one to plan things out i.e. consistent solids, prints, etc. This whole experience has helped me to become more spontaneous and “let go”.

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