have a heart

close heart 3

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I have been thinking about hearts for a while and how our heart is like an onion with many layers of emotions and feelings. It is said from a scientific perspective that the heart emits the strongest energy field.  The different auric fields of the body emit energy. It is known as chi (china),   ki (Japan),  manna (Hawaii),  prana (India).  I have also been thinking about how my natural tendency is to withdraw from anything that feels fearful,  judgemental, confrontational, etc. My zociac sign is the crab.


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Also, I have been thinking about what it is that I feel drawn to in other peoples blogs and what I really find most appealing is when the blog owner is being open and honest and coming from the heart. It can be a vulnerable place but it also the beauty.

I have been thinking about bravery and courage too.  My attempt to keep this blog purely artistic is not an easy task. I  did not start my blog that way. It is only from fear that I decided to change and now it is with courage and bravery I continue on the pilgrimmage, the path to being true to myself and those who might follow along.

Thanks for listening….. : )

close heart 1

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spiral heart

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I used different fabrics in the heart to represent the different levels or layers of the heart.

heart universe

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I put the black  star and moon fabric in the center to represent the universe coming from the heart.


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It just seemed I needed a rose with this picture. As I am writing this I am reminded that the rose is so symbolic for so many things. I thought of the Roscrucian Order and how the rosy cross is the symbol for them.  Whoops! I see some missed or tiny stitches….lol

grey area

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I added a gray fabric because I was questioning “Are there gray areas when it comes to matters of  the heart?”

whole heart 2

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the whole heart cloth…..I put lots of   X’s  around the word h e a r t   to represent hugs.

I found  some new blogs that I thought were  fun:


cool pottery: http://www.ayumihorie.com/catalog/

fabulous: http://zencrafting.blogspot.com/


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