butterfly of how

butterfly of how

CC License View

the butterfly of how….

(i ran out of purple thread, lol .  also still have the  background to finish)

how 1

CC License View

how can i make things better? how can i change? how can i give? how can i love more? how can i ……..

it seems to me that when i ask how ?          the doors open with possibility.

like a butterfly taking flight.

4 thoughts on “butterfly of how

    • Every extra moment I am stitching or painting or creating. Yes I believe “how” opens doors and possibilities. thank you so much.
      I am thankful you stop by. I love hearing your thoughts. : )

  1. Hey, its an awesome work…. guess the butterfly would hav been drawn by my favourite and young artist hannah 🙂 is that so…. if yes plz thank her for sharing her artisitic skills with us… hats off once again.. and also inspired by ur thought of “HOW”…. i guess “HOW” is the rite way even to get rid of problems rather than worrying with it by “WHY”……. infact the question “WHY” is already decided by god…. and we hav no control over it…. but “HOW” is the one which is in our control…. gud thought… plz let me know ur thoughts on this….

    • Usually i have Hannah draw my animal creatures but this time i simply cut the butterfly from fabric and embroidered over it.
      very good observation about “why” and “how”. I agree! I believe “how” opens doors and possibilities. It is like “seeking the truth”
      or “seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will be opened, ask and it will be answered.” I believe “how” is connected to this.

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