“you kissed the ring of judas”

judas 9 (1)

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This cloth is about betrayal. No matter how big or how small the betrayal; everyone involved suffers.

It does not matter why there is a betrayal or how….

I think a person who betrays another has a heart that is “dark” as in evil. Even if it is only for a moment  a “dark” or evil spirit settles upon them because they can not see “light” or goodness. They only care about themselves and then they betray.

A well known example of this is:       Judas in the Bible

He began to find fault with the things Jesus said and did. He began to steal from the money box, either for his own ends or maybe to fund some of the activities of the sicarii. Once, in Bethany, he even complained aloud of his displeasure to Jesus (John 12:3-6). When Jesus gently rebuked him for his comment (Mark 14:6-9), Judas was incensed! Then Satan entered Judas, surnamed Iscariot, who was numbered among the twelve. So he went his way and conferred with the chief priests and captains, how he might betray Him to them.

black heart large

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only a”black” or “dark heart” can betray another. I stitched the heart with black thread  to indicate “no love of light”

dark judas

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around the heart i stitched the zig zag shape to indicate a very low vibration coming from the heart.

I named this “you kissed the ring of judas”  because the person who betrays bows to darkness.

Their behavior allows or opens the door to evil intentions.

The symbology of kissing a ring goes back to around the year 610, when Bonifice IV made it a practice.  It was the symbol of a bishop’s office-kings get crowns and bishops get rings.

The ring came into ceremony because it’s the symbol of an unchangeable state of life. Thats why Roman citizens had the right to wear one, and why your suppose to wear one after you get married.

Kissing the ring is a way of showing deference to the office, rather than the man.

kiss the ring

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“you kissed the ring of Judas”

Lastly, I put the word Demon at the top to indicate what has overcome the person who betrays.

I do not plan to spend much time on this piece but, I feel it touches our lives in one way or another .

Regardless of all of this, we must decide whether we live in a friendly world or unfriendly world.. no matter what happens or what we see.

“Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds.”

-Albert Einstein


2 thoughts on ““you kissed the ring of judas”

  1. we definitely live in a world that has a MAJORITY of good, kind and friendly people, look at us, friends though we never met, a shared pleasure in stitch. Maybe embroiderers should have more of a say! Love this piece.

    • I agree that we live in a world of good, kind and friendly people. The poor in spirit will always be with us.
      I am grateful to have friends like you in this beautiful stitching community! This is a piece that needs more work but, i do not want to spend a lot of time on it and dwell in it. I really appreciate your kind thoughts. : )

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