the observer effect

the observer effect

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Quantum physics is one area that really interest me. The most amazing and magical experiment ever done was the “double slit experiment”.  The double slit experiment is where a series of single photons ( light particles) were fired at a solid plate that has two slits. A photographic plate was set up on the other side of the solid plate to record what came through the slits. Now this does not sound particularly exciting except when you hear the result of the experiment…scientist found that the observer effected the outcome of what happened to the photons. No matter how many different Scientist or people observed the experiment it always resulted in what each person expected.

observer effect 2

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observer effect closeup

this cloth shows the “double slit experiment”. the three lines at the beginning represent the single photons being sent through the slit. they become waves and then go through the double slit.

for a better understanding i recommend:

I really enjoy Fred Alan Wolf, a theoretical physicist who appeared in “What the Bleep do we know”  Dr. Quantum is his cartoon explaination. He breaks things down in a way you can understand.

4 thoughts on “the observer effect

  1. Hi Marie. Sorry I really don’t know how long they take to make, depends what I embroider on them, how exhausted I am , what’s on t.v. whilst I am doing them…terrible I know!!
    Your split theory thingy just gave me a headache! Quantam Physics!!!??? Scary!!

  2. I am laughing….Sorry! I did not mean to give you a headache! lol! the exciting part about the experiment is that we create, by our observation and what we expect…pretty cool! and the coolest thing is it is scientific! : ) .

  3. thank you Helene! I am grateful it made you laugh with joy!
    that makes my day : ) . I really appreciate your kind comments. (I am smiling too!)

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