the Alchemy of Change

the Alchemy of change

When i began this piece the word i was thinking about is “change“. All the changes we go through or face. Nothing stays the same for very long. The earth is in a continual state of change, the weather is changing all the time, and we change over time. Any attempt to hold on to something is “pointless” , because things change. Perhaps we want our world to be solid and stable because we want something that is dependable. However change is necessary for growth and development. right? Anyway….

My original concept was to show the heart with several layers of hearts in different colors showing a progression of change. But, as i placed the first heart on the fabric i could see a flame in the center…and the cloth progressed from there.

the Alchemy of change 2

CC License View

the flame in the center is abstract because i picked a piece of scrap fabric that was already cut in that shape so i went with that.

Alchemy of change 5

CC License View

the circles represent other places, parallel universes, or different planes of existence

Alchemy of change

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whole The Alchemy of Change

CC License View

the light or flame shining outward to the right is the choice the heart has made.



2 thoughts on “the Alchemy of Change

    • : ) yes, your right. I started off making strips of fabric to represent the worlds, or parallel universes, etc but the strips of fabric just did not look right so, i tried circles/dots and i thought of you! : )

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