a little joy!


CC License View

I wanted something happy and joy-ful looking! These colorful fabrics were just the thing.

the beads and fabric seem like they were made for one another!


CC License View

a little bead spiral.

joy 2

CC License View

the complete “joy”

little gift 4

CC License View

A little more joy…my daughter, Hannah made the little creature to the left and i was telling her how much i loved it and she said i could have it. (she made it a long time ago)She used printed felt . I  love the colors of her creature and pulled the fabric and thread from my little stash of fabric and put it beside it for inspiration.

completely unrelated to this post, i just wanted to mention i found a really amazing lion picture done in different shades of blue :



2 thoughts on “a little joy!

  1. Thank you! It has been gray and rainy here and although rain is good for the plants the gray days are yucky! So, I decided I needed a “little joy and sunshine” . : )

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