I have to confess…

rug stuff outside 5

CC License View

it was fun to cut up old shirts to make a rag rug. I have always wanted to do that but, never had.

There was something freeing about it. Even better was that i could finally go  outside and be in the sunshine.

Thank you, Deb at beecreative.typepad.com  for your recycling inspiration!

rug stuff outside1

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Additional inspiration for it came from an article i found, on the right there, about recycling. I loved the colors and textures so much in the article and it so happened i was going through clothes from winter that i decided it was time to re-purpose and get rid of some things.

beginning braided rug

CC License View

I used one of my daughter Hannah’s old sweatshirts from Cape Cod and she suggested we make a label for the rug with it. We both laughed and agreed that’s what I would do. So, once the rug is complete we will have our own designer label. Ha! : )

braided rug

CC License View

the beginning of my “humble” rug.  : )

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