pattern 1

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I have been wanting an apron because every time I cook it seems I am wearing some of the food. Also it reminds me of my grandmother. She always wore an apron she had made when she was cooking. I can remember the smocking and the gingham fabrics she would use. She was also a quilter. My grandmother would gather with other woman and would have quilting bees. She lived through the depression and was very resourceful.

seams of apron

CC License View

apron on fence

CC License View

in this photo the hem is not done. i have since completed it.


CC License View

Now that I have the apron together I am trying to decide how to embellish it. hmm??

I am continuing to work on my  special (spirit) cloth. I will have new pics soon.  Have found a new site with interesting pictures:



2 thoughts on “Apron

    • Hey thank you so much! I really enjoy your blog and loved your photos on dying the fabric with turmeric.
      Also, thanks regarding the apron, still working on it.

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