progress and slow snail

blue star kachina

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I am happy about the progress on my special (spirit) cloth…..

spirit cloth

I have pieced together: left to right, dreamtime, blue star kachina, vision cloth, grace & fear, spirit corn,the observer effect and joy.

slow snail 1

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Also I have been working on the apron. I was trying to decide what to do for the pocket of the apron and my daughter, Hannah drew me a snail which is perfect. My husband is a really good cook and always tells me to cook things slow!

Hence, slow snail


CC License View

My daughter drew angel wings for the slow snail because she knows me well…Ha!

We chose a rusty red color for the angel er… snail wings because white was too pail.

Lastly, I told my daughter I did not want to put to much time in to the apron because it was going to get splattered with food but she said: “Mom that’s the beauty of it, all those food stains give it character!” How could I argue with that? lol.


2 thoughts on “progress and slow snail

  1. thank you so much! my daughter drew the snail for me and i re-created it in cloth. (she is a clever girl!) : )

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