apron continues…

snail close

CC License View

So I finished with the little linen snail apron pocket piece (woosh! that’s a lot to say…)

apron words

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I wanted to put a “positive” label of “good intentions” on to the apron so, I tacked it to the inside of the apron along the hem.

close apron fairy

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I wanted to add another pocket and decided to put  a kitchen fairy on it and since my daughter Hannah came up with the idea of the snail and drew it for me ; I decided I need a rounder fairy to go with what she had drawn. The idea that I thought of was something like a Kokeshi doll or a nesting type doll because of course this fairy loves to eat.   After I spent hours of stitching I was not as thrilled with it. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s ok, but have you ever put a lot in to something then as you are about to finish you are not loving it??? Well, that’s how I feel about this piece. (I should have had my daughter draw it lol!)

blue feather and spirit corn

CC License View

I put corn and spirit corn in this piece. For me corn represents life and the corn pollen represents blessing for protection, understanding and forgiveness. The spirit corn represents the unseen waiting to manifest.

I chose a blue feather because as I was stitching I kept thinking of the book Illusions by Richard Bach.

The blue feather represents, for me messenger to the Great Spirit.

corn and corn pollen

CC License View

I made her apron invisible because it contains magick. When I drew it somehow I managed to make it crooked so I was committed to that because I used permanent marker. sigh!

I put a full corn moon behind the fairy.

apron fairy 3

CC License View

full apron

CC License View

I still want to add some magic to the apron somehow and I am going to ponder whether or not to remove the fairy pocket?????


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