I like it…

apron redo

CC License View

(the apron) much better. I removed the fairy pocket and I am redoing it for a gift. I liked the fairy pocket but not with the apron and since I put a lot of time in to it I want to share it with someone….


CC License View

I added some magic because every kitchen needs some. (Looking forward to Jude at Spiritcloth’s magic thread!) : )

heart button

CC License View

I added a heart button on each side. Ya gotta have heart..um..love in the kitchen!

button and blue feather

CC License View

I added the blue feather at the end of one of the sashes. I wanted my apron re-do to be quiet. I think I was complicating things with the extra pocket. Also, I decided the blue feather is called my Illusions feather and it represents imagining. I like that!

6 thoughts on “I like it…

    • your welcome. hearts are a favorite of mine in fact, in my special (spirit) cloth i discovered that I had two almost identical heart cloths with different themes lol.

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