I went shopping…

outside for the perfect rock…

keeper of remember 2

CC License View

I wanted to make my partner something for Father’s Day so, I needed the perfect rock. I remembered one I had seen on a walk several weeks earlier. I even picked it up at the time out of the  puddle of water it was in and thought about holding on to it for a future project. Instead I  decided to put it down and leave it. So, this morning I decided I would cover a rock with fabric and embellish it for him. I quickly went out to the spot where I left the rock and it was there. It was meant to be.

keeper of remember 1

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this stone is the keeper of “remember”

keeper of remember

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“Rocks are like all other living things.”

“When you hand someone a stone or anything else, there is a meaning to it.”

“A personal stone contains the memory of the universe..”

“The stones are the keepers of the hills.”

“The secrets of the ages are written on the stones from the dawn of birth.”

Agnes Whistling Elk

underside of stone

CC License View

This is the underside of the stone. I simply gathered the cotton flannel fabric and added a bit of fabric to cover the gathers.

Happy Summer Solstice!

summer solstice 3

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still working on this one….It is called Summer Solstice.

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