This is all the sun…

summer solstice 8

… i got today!

CC License View

summer ceremony 13

CC License View

A little summer solstice  ceremony!

crop circle sun moon 1

CC License View

a crop circle depicting the sun and moon.

(crop circles tend to appear in the summer)

new beginning

CC License View

i like to think of it as a new beginning…

11 11 no time

CC License View

You will notice on the clock face i did not put numbers…only ” 0″. This depicts “no time”. Also, I placed the hands of the clock in the position of 11:11 as if there are numbers. This represents a “wake up call” from our Guardians (angels).

summer solstice 2009

CC License View

Summer Solstice…hope you had a happy sunny day where ever you are!!!!


2 thoughts on “This is all the sun…

  1. this is such a lovely piece, really refreshing and happy. I sense a freedom in it which makes it even more special.
    Thanks so much for the reassuring words on my blog, I hate secrets, far too stressful trying to keep them!

  2. Thank you so much! I wanted happy bright colors because it has been so gloomy where I am and I love your perspective of “freedom”! Your most welcome for the comment…hang in there on the secret : )

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