Georgia and 7

Georgia O'Keeffe 1

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I am always thinking about what brings joy to my heart…a little happiness.

Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings remind me of summer. I love her work and I had the opportunity to see some of it in person at the Shelburne Museum, in Vermont.

I have a fabulous cookbook in storage that are recipes she enjoyed and I have enjoyed too!

A Painter’s Kitchen by Margaret Wood and Michael O’Shaughnessy

georgia o'keeffe cookbook

I highly recommend the book. The author was actually a companion to Georgia and cooked and prepared her meals from local produce and the garden Georgia O’keeffe grew. She weaves little interesting stories through out the book.

The recipes are simple and easy to prepare.

Years ago while traveling from one state to another while heading into New Mexico we mistakenly went through Abiquiu, New Mexico ,which is where Georgia lived.

The colors and the desert were so-o striking and beautiful. I see why she loved it there.


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While thinking about this piece and thinking about summer I thought about days and numbers and numerology…

I decided that 7 was a perfect number for this cloth I will explain more when I finish this cloth.

2 thoughts on “Georgia and 7

  1. I really enjoy the cookbook. They are very simple basic recipes but delicious! Thank you regarding the poppy (I was wondering if the poppy would turn out to look like a “poppy”… lol.)

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