Downloading Dreams

Downloading dreams

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This is a new cloth called “Downloading Dreams

It is a tiny embroidery! whoosh…what started this was a dream then i decided to do a little research.

Hippocrates (469-399BC) who was considered the father of medicine theorized that during the day, the soul receives images; during the night, it produces images. Therefore, we dream.

I think during the night we receive the images and during the day we project the images…hmmm?

Many of the ancient cultures had many different beliefs about dreams and what they mean.

As a matter of fact, there is so much information about it that I could go on and on ……

The lion is the bed upon which the person sleeps. The lion is a “guardian” of sorts, a protector.

The person is done in white to indicate spirit, invisible, sleeping, and dreams.

I will talk more about the picture when is is done.

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