Downloading dreams continues…

dream carrier bird

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a dream bird that carries dreams….

owl bird

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a white owl, is a guardian, shapeshifter, watcher…no one can deceive the owl because the owl can see through them.

lion dream

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downloading dreams 8

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0’s and 1’s coming into the “dreamer”…code downloading.

found a couple of  interesting blog:


2 thoughts on “Downloading dreams continues…

  1. The Owl. Yesterday I did a little owl from silk. It was an experiment with appliqueing silk and making a small animal.

    This morning I was reading a book about history and the author mentioned Proteus. I wasn’t familiar with him so I thought I would look him up. Found out that he was a shape shifter. I was quite interested in the whole subject and read the whole Wikipedia article.

    Now this owl will carry on more meaning. Thank you for sharing this.

    • I will have to look up Proteus! Sounds interesting. I read a book by Lynn Andrews, a shaman and her aboriginal teacher who was a shape-shifter!
      The owl idea was from a very real experience I had in California. A beautiful white owl who would watch me from a window that was only 2 feet away!
      It was awe inspiring to see that majestic (large) creature watching me on numerous occasions. I always felt the owl was a shape-shifter.

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