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the word  “dreaming”….

dreams 3

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The sun is shining today, which brings me great joy.  I am almost done with this cloth. ( i ran out of the color of gray i wish to use on the sides..???) Anyway, I will probably have one more post and then I will be away for a bit.  As I have mentioned before my life has been in transition for a while. So, I am welcoming positive changes.

Not to mention I need an infusion of new fabric, although I have been amazed at how much you can switch around 2 tiny tote bags of fabric! ( after a while things begin to look similar, right?)

A blog that always seems cheerful and happy and always brings a smile to my face is Mary Stanley : .

Her dolls are sooo cute and her hooked rugs are so cheerful! She is a painter, rug hooker, doll maker, teacher and so much more.  Check it out. : )


13 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Thank you Deb! I was beginning to feel alone out here. lol.
    It has been rather quiet. I appreciate your words. : )

  2. Thank you for your message on my blog.
    I also like the word Dreaming. I like the black and white thread you used…is it yarn or DMC? Did you couch it down? It looks really smooth.

    When I am experiencing change I have learned to just say the word “accept”, and the change is a little easier to handle.

    • Your welcome! You always inspire and give me something to really contemplate : ) .
      The black and white thread is DMC and all i did was a running stitch in one color (black),
      then came back with white and wove it through. It was not couching. Thanks for your inspiration : ) .

    • p.s. I like that word “accept” better!!!! I needed to hear that!! thank you.
      it feels “easier” ( does that make sense?) : )

  3. Another interesting thing that I have been playing around with is something called switchwords. There is a group in yahoo and probably if you just google switchwords you can learn a lot.
    Anyway, I am kinda obsessed and can get on a one track mind. Sometimes that rabbit trail isn’t the right one to be thinking, but I will regurgitate it like a cow chewing cud. Finally I found a way to break that cycle and it is by using the switchword “cancel”. So now I just say cancel and start thinking something else. If it doesn’t work…nothing comes to mind…I can just keep saying cancel three or four times in a row and start noticing the things that are around me.
    I have also been getting into quotes and thinking about them. Lately Every happy family (or man) is alike, and every unhappy family (or man) are all unhappy for different reasons.
    Abraham Lincoln said you are only as happy as you chose to be.
    So we have a lot of control over ourselves although not as much over change.

    • I will look the word up! Thank you! I am always on a quest to find better ways to handle “life”. I have a friend who will say “cancel, cancel, cancel”
      if something negative has been said. She feels it keeps the negative from manifesting. Love the quotes too. Yes, i agree we do have the choice as
      to how we will accept any given situation or thing and how happy we will be. Thank you so-o-o much : ) .

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