Green Days

VT 2

This is a view from the place I have been staying…Vermont is so beautiful!

Pink moon

A pink moon…I call it my “moon of change”.

VT frog

Of couse there are ponds all around with frogs who sing the night away.

Vermont frog

My Vermont Frog…a work in progress.

I will not be adding post on a daily basis at this point due to many changes but at a minimum I will try to share something no less than once a week. Glad to be back : )


4 thoughts on “Green Days

  1. I love your moon and frog. I used to live where the frogs sang. It is a sign that the environment is clean where you are staying. When I went to camp they would have frog contest that was always fun. I always worried about getting warts…funny folktale. Your frog reminds me of the bean bag frog that I made as a teenager. Very happy.

    • Thank you. It was inspired by a picture in the house where I was staying and the environment. I love those bean bag frogs!
      I remember my friends having them and how I always wanted my own. Thank you : )

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