falling leaf2

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This is a falling (jumping) leaf…I wanted to incorporate them into this new piece because when I think of “jumping” into something it is about “letting go” and it made me think of leaves. They simply let go of the tree and fall knowing it is ok. I do not see the leaf as dead but, simply transformed. Also, while I am writing this it makes me think of a book called Illusions by Richard Bach.

In the very beginning of the book there are handwritten looking pages and it tells a small story of  creatures clinging to the bottom of a river because that is what they do but, one brave creature let’s go and discovers there is so much more than could ever be imagined. All the other creatures think the creature that let go must be some sort of god.

This piece is  about being brave, having faith and knowing that you will be carried to your highest good.

clouds & stars (3)

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clouds and stars…..


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I kept seeing rocks when I was envisioning this piece because invariably it seems it is sharp or hard or scary “letting go and trusting”. (Obviously, not always but, sometimes.)

6 thoughts on “Jump

  1. I looked up Illusions on Wiki here is what it said,

    First published in 1977, the story questions the reader’s view of reality, proposing that what we call reality is merely an illusion we create for learning and enjoyment.

    This related to today’s post on the blog Spirit Cloth in the comment section Jude wrote:

    “good point about masks. and then there are those that are supposed to hide reality. like make up. ”

    Just kinda serendipitous I thought.

    • I have noticed that Jude (Spiritcloth) and I sometimes without even trying might post things that are similar. I have seen it happen a lot of times. We must both be tapping into the unified field. : )

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