Ceremony of “Jump”…


CC License View

the moon……and ceremony….

water, leaves, rocks

CC License View

the water became “real” and the rocks more defined….

leopard in morning light

CC License View

A s I mentioned, I was having a hard time creating the leopard just the way I wanted. She was too masculine and dog like and fierce looking.  I initially did the heavier stitching around the entire head and it made her look “boxy” and I was not happy with it so I ripped it all apart which in turn destroyed the fabric so I had to add a new piece for the face. I added teeth to cover the mess I had made and that made her look “mean” , which was not my intention. So, I added her tongue to make her look tired from jumping which I thought helped. Lastly, I added eyelashes to show she was a female. Well, not exactly my vision but close enough. (My daughter drew the basic leopard for me and I cut it out from fabric. Her drawing was far better then my stitching. lol)

jump outside

CC License View

a little more of “jump” in the morning light….

jump outside1

CC License View

Since I did not like the heavier stitching I decided to leave the edges of the leopard to fray.

I have new ideas brewing so I am off to create…….


2 thoughts on “Ceremony of “Jump”…

  1. Art evolves. It is what makes it art. It is not always what we had imagined.
    It is hard work jumping moons. You may have all kinds of emotions come up that you did not expect.
    The moon here has been beautiful….Large and full and at times like a spot light in my bedroom window. It has lined up over the canal and made a nice reflection in the water.
    Many times the full moon is a time when there are more incidents at a hospital or police station…so I think the moon does influence us emotionally.
    Your story quilt is really beautiful.

    • So True about art. : )
      Your right the moon “moves” all of creation in one way or another.
      The tides are definitely affected.
      Thank you.
      : )

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