spirit corn

spiritcorn seeds

CC License View

I found this fabric and immediately I thought of magical spirit corn that “came to life”

(became animated) at night.

spirit corn seeds

CC License View

magical night spirit corn in the morning light.


CC License View

a finished version of spirit corn


2 thoughts on “spirit corn

  1. Right now I have been harvesting some lettuce seeds. It took all summer to get these seeds. I thought we often talk about sowing seeds…but we need to think about collecting them too….or even growing them. I in fact told my neighbors that my garden was a seed garden because it looked a little wild. My lettuce plant was 3 feet high. Sometimes we have to get a little wild and out of our comfort zone and then we will find more seeds to sow.

    I really like the abstract corn plant print on your fabric.

    • You are right about collecting seeds! I have never seen a 3′ high lettuce plant.
      Wow! I like getting a little wild and stepping out of the comfort zone and sowing
      new positive seeds! Thank you, I like that print too! Magical.

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