beaded goddess

CC License View

beading on the top of the Venus of Willendorf.

beaded Venus of Willendorf

CC License View

another view

beading and thread

CC License View

Imagine beading

CC License View

Imagine is the companion piece.

Imagine puzzle pieces with beading

CC License View

the two pieces I am still working on…

The theme of the puzzle pieces is suppose to relate to breast cancer.

I chose the Venus of Willendorf because to me it represents the feminine energy.

The statue itself goes back to approximately 25,000 years and I thought

how fitting because we are in a cycle of time called a Kali Yuga which is 25,000 years.

I do not choose to look at the disease/issue. I chose to say Imagine or see a different



2 thoughts on “Beading…

  1. You have done a lot of work on these. They are very be beautiful and ornamented. I like it that they have a lot of your symbols in the pieces. Nice to communicate in a secret language of sorts, don’t you think?

    • Thank you! I will be posting more pictures soon.
      I have done a lot of beading and stitching on them.
      We all communicate in our own way….right? : )
      Shhh! : )

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