the gift of a heart…

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I just received this lovely hooked heart pin from one of my favorite  people/blogs…

Mary Stanley at Art Spirit.

( Mary, I promise the heart and house only touched the ground for a nano second

while I snapped the photo. It is so cold nothing stuck to them. lol)

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It came in this amazing little bag….

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The little bird was made in Japan…

how cool is that?

Every detail was so amazing to me!

CC License View

there is even the tiniest, softest  feather on the package!

CC License View

There was even a little house ornament included.

It will be displayed year round!

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Lastly, a cute owl card.

(Owls are a significant symbol for me.)

: )

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Mary I am so touched by your gift…

You are the “Queen of hearts!”

A heart felt thank you!


2 thoughts on “the gift of a heart…

  1. Hi Marie!
    Beautiful photos and thanks for the nice post!
    I must add a friend named Mary Price made the gift bag.We were in a art show together and did a trade…I wanted it to go to someone special!

    • Thank you! Your friend Mary Price did such an amazing job on the bag
      and how special that you shared it with me. : )
      A heart felt thank you!

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