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I am a mother, artist and wife.  This is a personal journey I have chosen to document and share with others. For me this blog is a fusion of art, embroidery, sewing, painting and a spirit walk.  I have been inspired by so many others who have shared their art.  To you I say “thank you.”  My hope is that in some small way others are inspired. Peace to you.

and so, I begin……….


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Please understand that the art and creative things I do are linked to an inner yearning of self discovery. If I use symbols, words, or spiritual terms it is only for myself and not intended to offend anyone elses beliefs nor,  am I trying to convince anyone to believe anything I do.  I am simply sharing my walk, my “song”, my art.  I am so amazed at all the beautiful artist in the blogging world and I  humbly walk amongst you.  My intention with this blog is simply to document my journey.

My artistic adventure began in the early 1980’s with glass beads. I had gone to a Renaissance Fair and had seen these beautiful beaded earrings and I thought to myself I would love to make them.  It was very difficult to find books or directions on how to bead. Finally, I found a really amazing bead shop and also located someone who was willing to teach me how to bead earrings.  During the 1980’s I was hanging out with a well known sculptor and he gave me a box of paints and paint brushes. The only condition was that I paint pictures and use what he had given me.  I still use some of those original paint brushes. Right now I paint pictures, embroider items, needlepoint, sew dolls and whatever I am inspired to create for myself or a giveaway.


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