The inspiration

Alchemist 1

The inspiration for my new piece came after reading this book.

Book inspiration

I had read this many years ago and decided to re-read it.

I will be posting more later today…..


A lovebird and a new book


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A lovebird came for a visit……

doodle stitching book

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and a new book came to me….

It is fun to have something new to look at and inspire me!

This book  has been out since 2007 and I have seen it in bookstores. It has some fun projects that I may make for gifts. It is really nothing new to me. Just nice to support fellow artist : )

Georgia and 7

Georgia O'Keeffe 1

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I am always thinking about what brings joy to my heart…a little happiness.

Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings remind me of summer. I love her work and I had the opportunity to see some of it in person at the Shelburne Museum, in Vermont.

I have a fabulous cookbook in storage that are recipes she enjoyed and I have enjoyed too!

A Painter’s Kitchen by Margaret Wood and Michael O’Shaughnessy

georgia o'keeffe cookbook

I highly recommend the book. The author was actually a companion to Georgia and cooked and prepared her meals from local produce and the garden Georgia O’keeffe grew. She weaves little interesting stories through out the book.

The recipes are simple and easy to prepare.

Years ago while traveling from one state to another while heading into New Mexico we mistakenly went through Abiquiu, New Mexico ,which is where Georgia lived.

The colors and the desert were so-o striking and beautiful. I see why she loved it there.


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While thinking about this piece and thinking about summer I thought about days and numbers and numerology…

I decided that 7 was a perfect number for this cloth I will explain more when I finish this cloth.

3 beans


3 lentils

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In a day and age where we take things for granted it was not so long ago that fabric was considered “precious”.  People in Japan would patch together bits of fabric until they had created a long roll of cloth. There was a saying to never throw away a piece of fabric if it could wrap 3 beans. Once enough cloth was created an offertory bag was made and filled with azuki beans or rice. The bag would then be placed on the altars of Buddhist Temples. I was so touched by this because I consider each little piece of fabric I get to be “precious.”  I decided to create my own cloth called:

“the 3 bean offering cloth”

copyright 2009 the pilgrimmage

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I took what fabric scraps I have  and divided them  into two bags. One bag was for pieces that were just too small. The other bag I labeled 3 bean to indicate those that would be the perfect size. Next, I sorted the fabrics by color and from there I pieced them together in a way that was pleasing to me. The whole idea was to use just what I had including my scrap pile of embroidery thread.


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my first 3 bean offering cloth.


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this is the 2nd 3 bean offering cloth


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this is the 3rd 3 bean offering cloth


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I have decided I will make these cloths to use for “offerings” , to put gifts in, and additional quilt pieces.

My inspiration for all of this came from a blog I found this morning….

Steve  Beimel founded Esprit Travel & Tours in the early 1990’s, as a U.S.-based tour company specializing in culturally focused tours to Japan and catering to enthusiasts of the arts. He now lives with his wife Ritsuko in the northern foothills of Kyoto.

I loved the book Memoirs of a Geisha, which takes place in Kyoto so it was really fun to look at Steve’s site.

Check it out : )


Pathways and Trails

I was thinking of the book called The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho which I read many years ago….The book is about a pilgrimage on the road to Santiago.  As I remember… always what was needed for the journey would appear but, we choose what path and if we want to trust that what is needed will be there. As I layed out the pieces of my  cloth I realized I would need pieces to go in between the spaces and it made me think of the many roads and pathways and trails I have traveled…so, I am creating pathways and trails that will invariably lead to gates for my  cloth.


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I cut out 2″ squares and made this piece 3 across and 7 down….why??? Because I like the number 3 and 7. I will continue this series as well as the study in angel wings…..

Calling all angels


(photo I took of book)


(photo I took of book)


(photo of books I took)

A friend loaned me these books about angels. She had seen my cloth of Archangel Michael (7 planets and 7 angels), and she said “Hey, I am into angels and I have some books I’ll loan you.”  So yesterday was spent reading…1 down , 2 to go….also, I ripped out that flower fabric on the sprite cloth. I have often thought that my hand sewing the cloth might not be so sturdy..Ha! I spent 45 minutes ripping out that tiny section of flower fabric. Myth busted! I think my hand sewing will do just fine over the test of time thank you very much!  Also, I finished up some other cloth pieces.  I will focus on something new today and continue reading…..

Found a new- to- me blog….        .. worth taking a look at.