a little joy!


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I wanted something happy and joy-ful looking! These colorful fabrics were just the thing.

the beads and fabric seem like they were made for one another!


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a little bead spiral.

joy 2

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the complete “joy”

little gift 4

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A little more joy…my daughter, Hannah made the little creature to the left and i was telling her how much i loved it and she said i could have it. (she made it a long time ago)She used printed felt . I  love the colors of her creature and pulled the fabric and thread from my little stash of fabric and put it beside it for inspiration.

completely unrelated to this post, i just wanted to mention i found a really amazing lion picture done in different shades of blue :



Hannah did it!

Hannah bunny face

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the bunny face

my youngest daughter, Hannah aka “littlest one”,  used the bunny pattern i created and made her own.

i love her style and fabric choices.

bunny tutu

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the bunny tutu

Hannah did it 1

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Hannah always creates her own “creatures” and never needs help. She has her own style. She is amazing at drawing and creating her own patterns. ok i know i am a proud mother  : )

a little more “happiness”

choco bun1

i liked the first bunny so much i decided to make a chocolate colored bunny out of flannel. i forgot to mention that i stuffed the bunnies with just a little fiber fill, (not my favorite but it is all i had) in the head and arms then i filled the bottom loosely with rice. i know over time rice will break down but i don’t mind.

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choco love2

a little chocolate love…..yum!

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bun wing1

i began working on a new project and i layed the little bunny on top of the chocolate piece and what do you know? the wings fit perfectly behind the little bunny. amazing…perfect size.

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bunny wing

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a little close up. it’s a gloomy day here so on to a little more happiness..



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i wanted to do something that would make me smile and i was really wanting to make a “doll” so i decided to create a little bunny….they have always been a part of my life.


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this will give you an idea of the size….the front side is a scrap of flannel and the paws are a scrap of linen. the backside is muslin.


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another bunny from the past. my “littlest one”‘s favorite bunny. i spent coutless hours looking for this 9” little “velveteen rabbit!” ha!

the goddess

I have been spending a lot of time thinking about my life and what symbols are important on this spiritwalk. Over this past summer I explored the goddess and I know the feminine aspect is significant to me. During the early 1980’s I read books by Paramahansa Yogananda and he stated that he used to pray to the Divine Mother aspect of God. Although intellecutally I understand that I did not understand it from a heart space. Most recently I came across a quote: “goddess is the embodiment of the divine as feminine.” and bam it finally sunk in…so I was inspired to create this:


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I ran out of turquoise and white thread so I will finish this when I can. I put the original quote at the beginning and then added other words that came to mind. Next, I decided I would like to have something I could hold in my hand as a gentle reminder of the divine feminine and how I am protected and loved so I created this:


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they are approx. 4″ tall and fit comfortably in the palm of my hand. These are the “modest” version.


this is the Venus of Willendorf estimated to have been carved 24,000–22,000 BC.  The next version I created was modeled as closely in detail to her:


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your probably wondering why I made so many…well,

it is because it was fun and therapeutic. So much so that I want to give away the pattern for it in a pdf form. I have the pattern completed just need to scan it in…


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a basket full of the goddess….

Folkart Doll

I love folk art dolls….this one is 5 and 1/2 ” tall. I don’t have my sewing machine now so everything I do must be completely made by hand. (picture a little fuzzy…I’ll get the hang of this camera thing yet.)


Oh yeah…I painted her face…..


I know…I know…this one is reflecting light…I painted the finished picture with glossy varnish. The colors are prettier in person….argh!