the gift of a heart…

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I just received this lovely hooked heart pin from one of my favorite  people/blogs…

Mary Stanley at Art Spirit.

( Mary, I promise the heart and house only touched the ground for a nano second

while I snapped the photo. It is so cold nothing stuck to them. lol)

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It came in this amazing little bag….

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The little bird was made in Japan…

how cool is that?

Every detail was so amazing to me!

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there is even the tiniest, softest  feather on the package!

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There was even a little house ornament included.

It will be displayed year round!

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Lastly, a cute owl card.

(Owls are a significant symbol for me.)

: )

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Mary I am so touched by your gift…

You are the “Queen of hearts!”

A heart felt thank you!


Always near

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There is “time no more”….those we hold dear to our heart are always near us.

No matter how seemingly far away they are.

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This is a last minute Christmas post card I am working on for someone.

The window in space represents a lot of things…

but the main message is that there is no such thing as time or space that

separates us.

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more stitching…

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beads and embroidery…

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the finished postcard.

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And a surprise too! The Christmas cactus flowers bloomed!

a little joy!


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I wanted something happy and joy-ful looking! These colorful fabrics were just the thing.

the beads and fabric seem like they were made for one another!


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a little bead spiral.

joy 2

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the complete “joy”

little gift 4

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A little more joy…my daughter, Hannah made the little creature to the left and i was telling her how much i loved it and she said i could have it. (she made it a long time ago)She used printed felt . I  love the colors of her creature and pulled the fabric and thread from my little stash of fabric and put it beside it for inspiration.

completely unrelated to this post, i just wanted to mention i found a really amazing lion picture done in different shades of blue :

bye Gandhi


a gift for a friend who is returning home to India……

I decided to make a small cloth, perhaps for an altar or even a coffee cup…just whatever my friend decides to use it for. Thank you for the conversations revolving around  spirit !   : )